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Joy Car, The Happy Car that makes you Smile!
"What a happy Car!!!   It makes me smile and grin."
- Anonymous Passerby
Our Aim is to Infect the World with Happiness!
*Joy Car* achieves its basic mission just by driving around.
People wave, laugh, give a thumbs up, call out "Love your car!"
When the bubble machine is blowing, heads turn, excitement escalates.
“Joy opens the heart to Love, paves the way to Peace.”
It's astonishing how many are positively affected by this simple act.
Young and old are equally delighted. One person's better mood triggers another. Laughter is catching. A few Favorite Stories clearly demonstrate.
*Joy Car* brings out the Joy you Are!
You are Invited to Join the Fun!
How is totally up to you. Every contribution helps.
Smile at a stranger, laugh more heartily, pass on a funny story.
Invite *Joy Car* to your event, take a ride with us, sing, blow bubbles.
Share ideas, expertise, help *Joy Car* realize it's fabulous potential.
"Every contribution serves everyone – especially You!"
Click "See Me?" to help us track *Joy Car's* impact.
Tell us when and where (state, town, location) and what happened.
Share what gives You! joy if that sounds like fun.
May your heart expand and glow with happiness.
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