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Joy Car, The Happy Car that makes you Smile!

Frequently Asked Questions
Are you a business? An organization?
No. We're just people who like to have fun.
Considering the state of the world, the stressful lives most people lead,
spreading joy seems like a good way to be of service.
Do you do birthday parties and other events?
Yes. We like to share joy and bring attention to constructive causes.
We're located in the Washington, DC area.
Can I have a ride in *Joy Car*?
Yes. Depends where you live. Sometimes we travel long distance.
See "Gifts of Love" for special offerings.
Where did you get the idea? Are you the only one?
See The *Joy Car* Story for how the idea came into being.
While we're the one and only official *Joy Car* we've got magnets
that enable us to create a small parade of polka dotted cars.
Where can I get a bubble machine?
I bought mine on the internet. It's typically sold for dance parties.
Legs were added to make it level, then coated with waterproof paint.
An electrician created an on-off switch to plug into the lighter outlet.
How can I join in the fun? What kind of assistance do you need?
Anyone can play or participate in whatever way they choose.
Send an email to begin the conversation. Your options are numerous.