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Joy Car, The Happy Car that makes you Smile!
The *Joy Car* Story
Ann McGill
Copyright @ 2004 & 2009 Ann McGill
What kind of impact is *Joy Car* having?
Where did the idea come from?
What else is interesting to know?

Chapter 1
Our Motto
Serotonin is a hormone manufactured by the brain that affects oneís sense of happiness and well-being.

Every time you smile, giggle or grin, you raise your serotonin levels.The more serotonin in your system, the better your emotional and physical health.

Every time you laugh, guffaw or shout with glee, it helps you release grief, anger, fear and depression. Youíll likely sleep better as well.

Every time you share joy you help those around you feel better too. Just by being happy you are helping to create a healthier, happier world.

Now you can understand the import of our motto Ö
Spread Joy! Ö Be the Joy you Are!
boy in front of Joy Car

Chapter 2
Mission Accomplished!
Hereís a taste of what weíve observed while driving around in *Joy Car.* Since so many share their fun experiences with family, friends and co-workers, many more thousands have also been infected.

Red Light Rejuvenation
Chin in hand, shoulders slumped, the middle aged woman looked exhausted and dejected as she stared into space waiting for the light to change. As bubbles began wafting across the carís hood, her head lifted, a tentative smile soon turned into an enchanted grin. By the time the light turned green, this very tired woman was now sitting up straight, obviously energized and feeling ever so much better.

Mission Accomplished! *Joy Car* spreads joy and happiness to one more person. All it took was a red light for someoneís spirits to be uplifted.

Laughter Unites, Helps Make Whole
Two little boys about 4 & 5 sat in the back seat of the SUV. Staring, slack- jawed, straight ahead, they looked downright morose. Clearly this family needed some cheering up.

When elder brother glanced my way, he didnít even notice the polka dots. His eyes remained dull and empty. Just then a breeze from behind brought some bubbles into view. Surely this would get his attention. But no, he continued to frown. This was not a happy kid.

As a bubble blew past his window I called out, ďSee if you can catch one!Ē Sticking his hand out, a wee smile began to perk. The further he stretched the bigger the grin, the louder his giggles grew. This caught motherís and brotherís attention. Now they all joined in the catch-a-bubble game. As the car took off, everyone was talking and laughing together. A unifying healing had taken place.

Mission Accomplished! It took less than a minute, and likely lasted for hours. I expect grandma and playmates heard about it too.

Tough Audience
While driving through the garment district of New York City, I realized even macho men feel cheered by the sight of *Joy Car.* Big brawny guys stopped lifting bulky boxes to wave and shout, ďLove your car lady!Ē One even ran into the store to grab a buddy.

Another time a bunch of cool dudes sporting gold chains and plenty of attitude pulled up next to me. ďCool car! Got a business card?Ē one called as his friends pumped their fists in concurrence.

Mission Accomplished! Beyond expectations! Isn't it wonderful?

Chapter 3
How did *Joy Car* come into being?
Where did the idea originate?

The short answer is that my car was rear-ended. This put an easily overlooked dent in the corner of my bumper. The insurance company said I was free to spend the money any way I wanted, on repairs or polka dots.

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The full story began nearly 30 years ago. Itís the mid-1970ís, my daughters are in their mid-teens. Weíve just been through some mighty tough times and could definitely use some cheering up.

Those days, we were riding around in a big, black, very old station wagon whose dinged dinginess too closely matched our mood. Then my parents bought a new car and gave us their much newer old one. Thatís when the idea popped into my head.

ďLetís paint the car!Ē I said to my kids. ďItís worth so little, we might as well keep it and have some fun!Ē They thought this a grand plan. Not being an artist, I figured polka dots would be easy to implement.

But then fate stepped in. My 85-year old friend had no money and sorely needed an automobile. Would I sell him mine for $150? There are times when itís a pain in the neck to be kindhearted. I really wanted to do the polka dots.

Itís 2003, nearly three decades later, when the next step in our story occurs. Iím a grandmother now, driving a different very old car. Iíve just rear ended the car ahead of me. While itís drivable, the hood is bashed in. I donít have $500 to cover the deductible. Thatís when I remembered my long ago great idea. Iíll hide the mess in plain sight, deflecting the eye with polka dots.

But then I found out the law required that I repair the hood. That left no money for polka dots, but now a big yearning had been revived. Dang, dang, dang.

Nine months later, fortunately, I was in another accident which created the perfect situation for implementing my plan. This time I was rear ended. Because the other person was at fault, it wasnít going to cost me a dime. Only the corner of the fender was dented, not very noticeable. The insurance company assured it was my choice whether to spend the money on polka dots or repairs. Oh happy day, at last, at last, my dream is finally happening.

I began with magnets, since I knew I wouldnít always be in the mood to play at *Joy Car.* When my parents passed away, I used my inheritance to buy a new car, and converted to permanent polka dots. This eliminated the half hour hassle of having to wash the car and put on polka dots every time I wanted to take *Joy Car* for a spin. It meant *Joy Car* was now getting a lot more exposure.

Several years later we added a bubble machine. Enthusiasm escalated enormously. Weíve been invited to parades and festivals, given cheering up rides to people who were ill, and served as birthday gifts to kids who found it great fun to make people smile and laugh.
As our *Joy Car* story makes clear Ö
Ö Even dreams that are long forgotten can still come true.
Ö Every negative contains the seeds of a powerful positive.
Ö The more joy you share the more joy you experience.

Chapter 4
Magnifying the Power
More and more people are understanding the power of thought to affect those around us, even when at a distance.

Larry Dossey and others have written about studies where people didnít know they were being prayed for, yet healed significantly faster and better than those who didnít receive such positive thoughts in support.

Dr. Masaru Emoto was the first to photographically prove that water crystals change their structure when exposed to positive or negative thought. Emoto believes that since people are 70 percent water, and Earth is 70 percent water, we can heal our planet and ourselves by consciously imbuing water with loving positive thoughts.

Every time I refill the bubble machine, I consciously send joyful loving thoughts into the soapy water. According to theory, whenever a bubble is touched, the person receives a wee gift of loving joy on the cellular level. Grass and trees and the air itself are all affected.

Before you doubt or dismiss, I suggest you read Emotoís book, The Hidden Messages in Water, or Larry Dosseyís Healing Words Ė or visit their Web sites. Me, I love the idea of subliminally contributing to creating a healthier, happier world Ö and itís so easy.

What Else?
I donít yet know if thereíll be a chapter 5. Not until our story further unfolds. I wonder if people will write, about what happened when they saw *Joy Car,* or to share other ideas for spreading joy.

At his moment, *Joy Car* is 16 years old. Lots of things are suddenly going wrong, requring lots of dollars for essential repairs. Iíve asked my friends to say a prayer or support the intention that *Joy Car* stays on the road. Please add your positive thoughts and it will surely happen.

Spread Joy!
Be the Joy you Are.
Help Infect the World with Happiness.